James Rogers Sculpture Studio has been in business since 1985. We can bring any 2d artwork to 3d form.

James Rogers has been sculpting toys as an independent sculptor since the mid 1980's. He has sculpted close to 400 Starting Line-up heads, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, Disney, and Warner Brothers properties, and many other licensed and non-licensed projects. Projects have varied from action-figures, premium toys, to house wares such as ceramics and lighting fixtures. The studio is fully staffed providing full drawing/designing, traditional sculpting, mold making, and painting capabilities.

Where Do These Products Come From?

When most people take their kids to the toy store, or the local fast food restaurants so that Junior can get a burger or taco and the latest giveaway toy, they usually don't give any thought as to how that toy came to be. If they do, they probably assume that it was designed and manufactured all by computers. Increasingly, more products are being prototyped that way, however most are still sculpted by hand.

That Is Where We Come In

We take flat design drawings, some simple sketches, some very detailed, and recreate them in three-dimensional form to the specified pose and size. Usually, we begin in oil clay, wedging small bits of clay together to get the general size and shape. A waste mold is made so that we can pour a wax copy of the clay sculpt. Using wax melting tools that look like a cross between soldering irons and fountain pens, and small metal and wire tools similar to dentists', we refine the shape, detail, and character correctness of the sculpt over the next few days. When sculpts are reviewed by licensers such as Disney or Lucasfilm, Jim hand-carries them to the meetings and works with staff artists to make any necessary character corrections. After licenser approval, the wax sculpts are molded and urethane resins are cast and shipped to the customers, who then send the castings to Asia where metal molds are made to produce the actual toy.

What We Offer

Our goal is to produce grade A sculpts for the toy and collectible industries, in short time frames, and at reasonable costs. We do some machining and model making as well as silicone rubber molds, urethane resin casts, and working samples. We are able to meet your goals for your product.